Monday, 25 February 2013

Brit Rock 23rd February

1)Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas 2)The Beatles - I'll be back 3)Rolling Stones - It's all over now 4)Bob Dylan - The times they are a changing 5)The Kinks - You really got me 6)The Zombies - She's not there 7)Guns 'N' Roses - You could be mine 8)Soundgarden - Live to rise 9)Kiss - Detroit rock city 10)Audioslave - Cochise 11)Rainbow - Stone cold 12)Deep Purple - Mistreated 13)The Doors - Touch me 14)Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee 15)Poco - Call it love 16)Pink Floyd - High hopes 17)Marillion - No one can 18)ACDC - Thunderstruck 19)Van Halen - Dance the night away 20)Buffalo Springfirld - For what it's worth 21)Jackson Browne - In the shape of a heart 22)FM - Only foolin' 23)Y&T - Summertime girls It's an hour of party rock, but make sure you wipe your feet before you come in 1)Poison - Nothin' but a good time 2)David Lee Roth - Just like paradise 3)Bon Jovi - Raie your hands 4)Foriegner - Urgent 5)Queen - We will rock you 6)Doobie Bros - Listen to the music 7)Status Quo - Whatever you want 8)Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 9)Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free bird 10)Steeler's Wheel - Stuck in the middle 11)ELO - Don't bring me down 12)Bruce Springsteen - Born to run 13)Alvin Stardust - Jealous mind

Brit Rock 16th February

We're at the Hard Rock Cafe for the 2nd hour of this week's show 1)Jimi Hendrix Experience - Crosstown traffic 2)ACDC - It's a long way to the top 3)Bob Dylan - Tangled up in blue 4)Weezer - Hash pipe 5)Green Day - When I come around 6)Blink 182 - What's my age again 7)Pink Floyd - Coming back to life 8)Led Zeppelin - When the levee breaks 9)Yes - Wondrous stories 10)Marillion - No one can 11)Megadeth - No more Mr nice guy 12)Duff McKagen - Elected 13)Cream - Strange brew 14)The Who - I can't explain 15)Status Quo - Rocking all over the world 16)Carole King - Hard rock cafe 17)The Beatles - She loves you 18)Bruce Springsteen - Glory days 19)Guns 'N' Roses - November rain Hour three and it's music from the late '70's to the early '90's. Known as the second generation of rock 1)Billy Idol - Eyes without a face 2)Asia - Heat of the moment 3)Bon Jovi - Wanted dead or alive 4)Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Mandolin rain 5)Bryan Adams - Straight from the heart 6)Cheap Trick - If you want my love 7)The Clash - London calling 8)Don Henley - Heart of the matter 9)Foreigner - Cold as ice 10)Neil Young - Rocking in the free world 11)U2 - All I want is you 12)Queen - I want it all

Brit Rock 9th February

Time for some more quality rock my children 1)Bob Seger - Even now 2)Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' with disaster 3)Billy Squier - Everybody wants you 4)Crowns - Stitches in the flag 5)Flogging Molly - Devil's dance floor 6)Iron Maiden - Space truckin' 7)Machinehead - Message in a bottle 8)Dio & Yngwie J Malmsteen - Dream on 9)Spirit Family Reunion - I'll find a way 10)The Whybirds - Hauling 11)Neil Young - Heart of gold 12)The Union - You're my Jesus 13)Living Colour - Love rears up its ugly head 14)Gun - Word up 15)Alien Ant Farm - Smooth criminal 16)Slaughter - Up all night 17)Aerosmith - Janie's got a gun 18)Alice Cooper - Only women bleed 19)Disturbed - Land of confusion 20)Jimi Hendrix - All along the watchtower 21)Eric Clapton - Knocking on heaven' door 22)Black Crowes - Hard to handle 23)Johnny Cash - Hurt 24)White Stripes - Jolene Following on from cover versions in the main bulk of the show, the third hour plays nothing but rocking cover versions 1)The Jeff Healey Band - While my guitar gently weeps 2)Marillion - Sympathy 3)Thunder - Gimme shelter 4)The Who - Summertime blues 5)WASP - The real me 6)Tesla - The games people play 7)Van Halen - You really got me 8)Metallica - Whiskey in the jar 9)Jeff Buckley - Kashmir 10)Thin Lizzy - Rosalie 11)Deep Purple - River deep mountain high 12)Queen - Rock & roll medley

Brit Rock 2nd February

Back to 1983 for the first two hours 1)U2 - Sunday bloody Sunday 2)Quiet Riot - Cum on feel the noize 3)Robert Plant - Big log 4)Don Henley - Dirty laundry 5)Metallica - Seek and destroy 6)Bryan Adams - Cuts like a knife 7)Marillion - Scipt for a jester's tear 8)Journey - Faithfully 9)The Police - Synchronicity 2 10)Twisted Sister - I am I'm me 11)Yes - Owner of a lonely heart 12)Def Leppard - Stagefright 13)Talking Heads - Buning down the house 14)Billy Idol - Rebel yell 15)ELO - Secret messages 16)Big Country - Chance 17)Dio - Holy diver 18)ZZ Top - TV dinners 19)Motley Crue - Shout at the devil 20)Rolling Stones - Undercover of the night 21)REM - Radio song It's an hour of new rock for hour three 1)Biffy Clyro - Black chandelier 2)Hain - Don't save me 3)Diagonal - Capsizing 4)Mallory Knox - Lighthouse 5)The Virgin Mary's - Taking the blame 6)Snakecharmer - My angel 7)Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses 8)The Blackout - Start the party 9)Goldsboro - Great white buffalo 10)Crowns -Stitches in the flag 11)The Union - You're my Jesus 12)Spirit Family Union - I'll find a way

Brit Rock 26th January

So how has 2013 been treating you so far? 1)Genesis - Mama 2)Peter Gbriel - Red rain 3)Crippled Black Phoenix - Hold on 4)Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus 5)Def Leppard - Rock rock 'till you drop 6)The Moody Blues - The voice 7)Kiss - Cold gin 8)Ozzy Osbourne - Over the mountain 9)Foreigner - Juke box hero 10)Chicago - Along comes a woman 11)Black Drawing Chalks - Cut myself in 2 12)RNDM - Williamsburg 13)Wishbone Ash - Blowin' free 14)Curved Air - Back street luv 15)Fleetwood Mac - Man of the world 16)Biffy Clyro - Black chandelier 17)Biffy Clyro -Bubbles 18)Roger Waters, Van Morrison & The Band - Comfortably numb 19)The Who - The song is over 20)Queen - Keep yourself alive 21)The Police - Bring on the night It's an hour of the first generation of rock as we re-visit the 1960's and the 1970's in hour three 1)Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love 2)The Yardbirds - Shape of things 3)Free - My brother Jake 4)The Beatles - While my guita gently weeps 5)Cream - I feel free 6)Sall Faces - Afterglow (of your love) 7)Badfinger - No matter what 8)The Doors - Love me to times 9)Juicy Lucy - Who do you love 10)Bob Dylan - Positively 4th street 11)T-Rex - Telegram Sam 12)Rod Stewart - Hot legs 13)Stephen Stills - Love the one you're with 14)Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Our house 15)Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary 16)Donovan - Jennifer juniper

Brit Rock 19th January

Oh, for a warm sun. 1)Styx - Mr Roberto 2)Kraftwerk - The robots 3)Black Sabbath - Iron man 4)Neil Young - Transformer man 5)Gary Clark jnr. - Bright lights 6)Black Veil Brides - Bright lights 7)Motley Crue - Raise your hands to rock 8)Big Wreck - Albatross 9)The Beatles - Free as a bird 10)Bon Jovi - Because we can 11)Bon Jovi - Never say goodbye 12)Dio - The last in line 13)Deep Purple - Strange kind of woman 14)Bad Company - Shooting star 15)Iron Maiden - Phantom of the opera 16)ADDC - Let there be rock 17)Queensryche - Silent lucidity 18)The Temperance Movement - Only friend 19)Shovels & Ropes - Hail hail 20)T-Bone Walker - I got the blues 21)Wilko Johnson - Slipping and sliding 22)Jimi Hendrix - Little wing Hour three and the room is turning hazy as I bring you an hour of prog rock 1)Roger Hodgson - Had a dream 2)Supertramp - Take the long way home 3)Asia - Open your eyes 4)Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't give up 5)Genesis - The caropet crawlers 6)Yes - Roundabout 7)Marillion - Fantastic place 8)Uriah Heep - Lady in black 9)Roger Waters - Mother

Brit Rock 12th January

Hello there. 1)Robert Palmer - Bad case of loving you 2)Toto - Hold the line 3)Led Zeppelin - All my love 4)Whitesnake - Love hunter 5)Thin Lizzy - Rosin dubh black rose 6)Scorpions - Holiday 7)Van Halen - Dance the night away 8)Tom Petty - Refugee 9)Fleetwood Mac - Tusk 10)The Knack - My Sharona 11)Meatloaf - All revved up with no place to go 12)Sham 69 - Hersham boys 13)Dave Edmunds - Crawling from the wreckage 14)The Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker 15)Rainbow - Eyes of the world 16)Cheap Trick - I want you to want me 17)Kiss - I was made for lovin' you 18)ACDC - Highway to hell 19)Supertramp - Breakfast in America 20)Eagles - Heartache tonight 21)Blackfoot - Highway song 22)Motorhead - Overkill 23)Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb Hour three is simply a selection of rock from all over the place 1)Vanilla Fudge - Ticket to ride 2)The Beatles - I am the walrus 3)The Zombies - Time of the season 4)The Doors - Love me two times 5)David Lee Roth - Just like paradise 6)The Scorpions - Still loving you 7)Poison - Your mama don't dance 8)Heart - Fanatic 9)Alabama Shakes - Hold on 10)The Quireboys - 7 'o' clock 11)Stryper - Calling on you 12)Crosby Stills & Nash - Marakesh express 13)Van Morrison - Moondance